POD Products

Crystal wire wrapped pendants and glycerine soaps manufactured and packaged in South Africa by POD Products.The packaging has a subtle alternative spin on it, making it ideal for a select market environment.

This product is exceptionally well made, professionally presented, and is a top quality export grade product from our South African shores! International Distribution exclusively to TopRock! The polished crystals are imported from across the globe and wrapped with a silver plated high-quality copper wire sourced from Germany. The pendants come pre-packed and ready to price and display in any retail space. Images are merely an example, colour, clarity, grade, size, and shape will vary. The pendants range from 30 - 50 mm in length before being packaged.

Spoil Yourself with this unique,indulgent handmade glycerin gemstone soap. You'll be treating your mind,body and soul to a nourishing, rejuvenating and heavenly make-over. Infused with the heavenly scent of pure essential oil and embedded with a healing gemstone to draw positive energy every time you wash. And when you've used the whole bar, you'll be left with a beautiful gemstone. Suitable for even the most sensitive skins.100 % natural and handmade in South Africa.