* Minimum accumulated orders of R7000 (Local) / $1000 (USD/AUD) (International) is required prior to shipping *

The  R2000 (Local) / $1000 (USD/AUD) (International) need not be ordered all at once on the same day and you can order and "STOCKPILE" with us until you reach this amount. There are several reasons for the minimum order : firstly that we are bottom line wholesalers and our overhead expenses are equally the same when making up a small parcel of one item or making up a large order. The other reason for the minimum order is the fact that we are situated in South Africa and your freight costs for a small parcel under R2000 (Local) / $1000 (USD/AUD) (International) *depending on the weight* would not necessarily be worth your while in mark-up for resale on a lesser amount.


    ** PLEASE NOTE: Unpaid orders will be cancelled within 7 days **
    * Please contact us if further assistance is needed*
    • 1 - Client processes online order/s & payment/s. * Select either "STOCKPILE" or "Pack & Send" options provided upon checkout *
      • 2 - Toprock issues a "Pack & Send" instruction (packs and weighs goods) * Only when associated orders are paid for
      • 3 - Toprock obtains and sends client Shipping Quotation Payment Link option/s
      • 4 - The client selects preferred shipping option.
      • 5 - Client processes final payment for shipping.
      • 6 - Toprock schedules order for dispatch.
      • 7 - Toprock provides final invoice for reference purposes.
      • 8 - Toprock fulfills the order/s online upon collection and notifies the client of the tracking information.
      • 9 - Toprock archives the order.

      ** Please allow a max 7-10 (SML. - MED.) and max 10-14 (MED. - LRG.) working days for our Pack & Send processes to be completed **  


      * International Clients

      1. Customers outside of South Africa are not liable for VAT.
      2. Shipping charges will NOT be added to your order during checkout.
      3. Only once your order has been packed & weighed will we be able to obtain accurate quotes for shipping.
      4. Please contact your local Customs Offices with regards to possible associated VAT and or customs duties due for a shipment from us.
      5. The following shipping options are available for our international clients (In Our Order of Preference); 
        • DHL Worldwide Express (5 to 7 days delivery) *Excludes all surcharges and customs duties* 
          * Collections made thice a week (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays)
        • Channel Shipping Air/Sea Freight Movers (To international airport / seaport only or added door to door (DAP) options available. *Extra Large shipments ONLY) *Excludes all surcharges and customs duties*

      * South African Clients

      1. You are liable for 15% VAT which will be added to the total during checkout.
      2. Minimum shipping charges will be automatically calculated and added to your invoice for a single order less than 25 Kg. Multiple "STOCK PILE" orders will need 
      3. Orders greater than 25 Kg, you will receive quotes for the shipping.
      4. Our preferred partner for South African deliveries is
      5. Only once an order is packed and weighed can we get a final amount due for shipping.
      6. If the final shipping charges are greater than the minimum shipping charges paid during checkout you shall receive a second invoice for payment.
      7. No orders will be dispatched prior to shipping being paid in full.
      8. The Minimum Order Amount for all online orders is R2000 before a pack & send instruction will be issued for your pending purchases.
      9. You do not need to order this all at once, you can place multiple online orders "STOCK PILE" over a period. Once you are ready to ship, you can email in order to begin the pack and send process.

      * HOW DO I PAY?

      Available Payment Options;


      1. Automatic Payment (Express Checkout)

          • PayFast

        2. Manual Payment

        * Please contact us for Bank Account details if needed (



         *Please select one of the below available shipping options*