Nick May (Owner)
Dr. Alexander H. Parkinson (General Manager)


Megan Parkinson (Invoicing & Shipping)
Renate Haberl (Invoicing & Shipping)



16 Lower Mpushini Nature Conservancy
Ashburton East
Kwazulu Natal
Republic of South Africa
PO Box 19928
Kwazulu Natal
Republic of South Africa


You can also make use of our online web based chat software (found in the bottom right hand corner of the website).

We don't make use of Chat Bots, you will be speaking to a human :-)

Due to our desire to avoid robots and maintain human to human contact, our operators are not available 24/7. We are mostly available during standard South African business hours. However, we do, where possible, offer chat support out side of standard operational hours.

The chat software logs all contact requests and keep a historical record of communications.