Our Wonderful Staff

Our Wonderful Staff

Most of you would have seen our email re updates on Toprock staff members, for those of you who havent, here is a rundown on our team Nick - Rocks for breakfast, ,lunch, supper, dessert daily.. Madagascar and Africa supplies and trips, sorting, pricing, emails..occasionally answers his phone in between nick@toprocks.com Nicole - Admin, emails, freight, orders, accounts, Kat will be freeing up some of Nicoles time so she has more time to correspond with you lovely folk and do more Nature Conservation projects in some potential spare time in the evenings now! nicole@toprocks.com. Nicole has been answering as many as 300 emails daily in-between ( up until Kat helping here) , so will now be able to slack off and have time for two cups of coffee per day! Mandy - Uploads onto the website daily and keeps everything on the website running smoothly. We still have no idea how she reads Nicks handwriting but she specialises in reading reverse Russian and drunken spider scrawl apparently! Abel - Warehouse Manager for many years, Rock Sheets, sorting, packing.. also known as Superman.. you have never seen anybody who can work this hard! Abe just bought a new car and now won’t work on Sundays anymore, so we may have to let his tyres down! Paul - 500-1000 Photo’s daily, sorting stock items, goat herder, snake catcher..doubles as the Tea lady sometimes as well. A terrible sense of humour, but a good eye for the rock. Paul gets abused daily and even likes it! Kat - Admin, Freight, enquiries…of dozens of other activities that arise daily. Super friendly, extra ordinarily happy and extremely efficient kat@toprocks.com Vusi - Who is here permanently now to help us with packing and unpacking, stock room and anything that comes up. Abel’s easy going Cousin. Haven’t ever seen him without a smile yet (just the occasional groan when we give him 12 orders to pack at once!) Thobeka - Has the task of bossing us around and keeping it tidy here..and boy she is good.. don’t cross Thobeka! Nice new hair Thobi! Ali - The smallest staff member with the biggest heart, much like an ant, Ali is capable of cheerfully carrying three times his own body weight when containers of new stock arrive! He is a happy little powerhouse and we don’t know how we would manage without him. We also have Voahangy, Eddie, Vuluna, Jose, Raholy, Andy and Claude in Madagascar who are family and have mostly been permanently with us now for 24 years. We are extremely lucky to have such excellent staff and fantastic customers and we also have an awesome wide array of many hundreds of miners and rock folks all over Africa and Madagascar.

(Kat has recently left the company - We love you kat!) January 2018


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