Covid-19 has robbed Toprock of FRIGGEN FUNKY THINGS! #MissingMadagascar

Covid-19 has robbed Toprock of FRIGGEN FUNKY THINGS! #MissingMadagascar


Nick has been traveling to and from Madagascar to purchase rocks for going on 30 years, going there roughly every 3 or 4 months. This ensured a regular supply of items - estimated at roughly 20 to 30 tons per year passing through our doors. 

In June 2019 we even did a pre-order Sale direct from our house in Antananarivo, Madagascar. This was a fairly regular occurrence during 2018 and 2019. During these sales we offered extraordinary and extra extra large items direct from the Lapidary workshops across the country.

A few months later, November 2019, Nick went once more in order to finalise yet another full container of stock for the clients. Then......................BOOM! 

The Covid-19 global pandemic took us all by surprise. Covid first appeared in late 2019 and all of a sudden 2020 and much of 2021 had blown over before we even turned our heads. The unprecedented closure of borders, travels, and movement of goods and people severely impacted on the supply chain of rocks, minerals and crystals across Africa and particularly from Madagascar. The container we ordered in November 2019 eventually arrived in August 2020.

Visiting the region has become extremely difficult and almost impossible. We are however very thankful and grateful that we have long established relationships and friendships in the region. The pandemic certainly changed the way we purchase things. We have migrated towards an electronic system of purchasing. We have dedicated people in the region constantly sourcing quality materials for us, and sharing this information on WhatsApp. We are constantly reviewing and purchasing stock via digital channels all of a sudden, BUT MAN OH MAN DO WE MISS MADAGASCAR!  

Below are a few massive and spectacular things we have sold previously on a pre-order basis direct from Madagascar.  We hope to manage to return to the region soon and do another round of amazingly big and beautiful items!

Lets all hope that things reach a new normal in the near future, and life returns to the basics - going into Africa in search of rocks!





Petrified Wood










Ocean Jasper







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