Mineral Type - Kolwezite

Kolwezite: A complex minerals specimen containing any combinations of the following minerals cobalt, dolomite, zinc, copper, nickel, druzy quartz, shattuckite, chrysocolla, and malachite. The deposit mainly consists of specimens which have a complex layering of minerals capped in druzy quartz! The colours and range of specimens is mind boggling from this locality! Very funky stuff from a NEW deposit! 

The name Kolwezite is not taxonomically recognised but merely refers to a deposit of complex mineral associations. Kolwezite is a Nick'ism as the first batch we received was believed to have originated from Kolwezi. However, we have subsequently learnt the material comes from the Kakanda region so in fact should be called Kakandite. However lets not rock the boat! 

Amazing and very fascinating deposit!