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Name Mtorolite Emerald Chrysophrase, Sold per kg
Category Rough Materials
Price ZAR 200 / USD 15.66 / GBP 12.29 / EUR 13.96 / AUS 20.77
Location Mtoro, Zimbabwe
Weight 1000 grams
Size 10 - 35 mm thickness

Mtorolite Emerald Chrysophrase, Sold per kg Emerald Chrysophrase/Star Chrysophrase/ Mtorolite/ Rough Material. This is a dark translucent emerald coloured material and & moss green brechiated patterned green chalcedony. This is Chrome Chrysophrase (rather than Australian Chrysophrase which is Nickel coloured). This is a very rare gemstone and only comes out of two very small mining claims in Zimbabwe in small quantities, but is highly prized by lapidaries, carvers & jewellers. We occasionally have up 500kg of this rare and really Gorgeous material in stock, which is priced at around $16-$30 per kg. R120- R250 per kg, depending on the grade. At the moment, we have around 100kg of higher grade material at R200 per kg and 300kg of good grade with a more solid green brechiated pattern which is R120 per kg ($16 per kg ). (e-mail Nick; ) We usually get between 50 -300kg every2-6 months directly from the only source in the world. We can VERY occasionally get as much as a ton, but generally this material is scarce(and difficult to mine) and only limited quantities are mined. Sizes tend to average at between a cm and 4cm thick. You are welcome to inquire about quantities and we will send photo's and give you the best deal possible at the time of enquiry and depending on how much stock we have. This has been marketed as Royal Jade in the Far East, as it matches the colour and texture of the best Antique Jades. The Med-good grade looks like a brechiated Moss Agate and makes beautiful cabochons and Jewellery freeforms. Some of the material makes nice specimens with the naturally etched crystalline surface, nice green colour and weird shapes. For more photo's and details of what's available, contact Nick on;

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