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Name Blue Sodallte Balls Sold Per kg
Category Stock Items
Price ZAR 600 / USD 46.97 / GBP 36.88 / EUR 41.87 / AUS 62.30
Location Kunene, Namibia
Weight 1000 grams
Size 44 - 64 mm

Namibian Blue Sodalite Spheres Sold per 1kg batch of 4 spheres. Blue Kunene Sodalite with white and occasionally yellow and orange Aragonite patterns, but mostly Blue. All Spheres are individually made pieces and we have tried hard to make each batch of 4 spheres equal and weighed them to try and get exactly 1kg..they may be 990 grams, or 1.1kg, but generally 995-105 grams. These are made in South Africa, from Namibian Rough material, by Malagasy lapidaires! Often called "African Lapis" as the colour is similar.

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