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ID Stichtite ABC
Name Rough Stichtite
Category Rough Materials
Price ZAR 180 / USD 14.09 / GBP 11.06 / EUR 12.56 / AUS 18.69
Location Barbeton, Mpumalanga, South Africa
Weight 1000 grams
Size 25 mm- 60 mm

Medium sizes and grades of rare Purple Stichtite (AKA Lavenderite) with green and black Serpentine. This scarce material comes out in very small quantities from one of the oldest areas of the Earths surface, the 3.2 billion year old Barbeton Greenstone Belt. Pieces range from having some nice purple on each piece to being solid A grade purple, the average is probably around 30-60% purple(which is great for Stichtite)..and the webbed purple in black and green and yellow serpentine makes beautiful freeform jewellery pieces and cabochons. It is very soft, but takes a nice high polish. This is also a very nice price, as lower-medium grade is rarely sold at less than $15-$25 per kg and top grade large materials sell at $20-$30 per kg. This is approx. $ per kg. Mixed good grades. It keeps its beautiful bright purple silky colour when it is either wet, stone sealed or polished.

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