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Name Rough Malachite cutting material sold per kg
Category Rough Materials
Price ZAR 330 / USD 25.83 / GBP 20.28 / EUR 23.03 / AUS 34.27
Location Congo, Congo {Democratic Rep}
Weight 1000 grams
Size 20 -80mm

Nice decent Good to A grade thick solid Congo Malachite cutting material, sold per kg. Beautiful banded selected 1-3 inch thick cutting rough picked for lapidary, jewellery cutting purposes. 70% of these pieces are 3-6cm thick and , 20% is much larger..mostly between 300grams to 1kg in weight. Please email mail me or order more than 1kg if you wanted some of the wider, larger pieces, but they are all good thicker pieces. Good solid rough malachite cutting material is getting to be quite a rare and expensive commodity these days but we have selected carefully. (

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