Opalised Polished Ammonites (Sold per 500 grams) from Madagascar, Tulear


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Stunning small whole polished Madagascar Opalised Ammnites Sold per batch of 500 grams. Each batch has between 30-50 Ammonites in it, with the average being around 40 per bag, ranging from 22mm up to 55mm, mostly 30-40mm diameter. Bright reds, greens, golds eflecting from the Ammolite opalisation of the shell (sometimes called Fire Opal Ammonites.) Hard to capture the whole opalised reflection of each piece, but they all have between 40-90% colour flash on shells. These are a good size for wire wraps, for jewellery or as classic specimens. These range from Good to A grade with the odd Medium grade piece, but mostly extremely beautiful. These should be around R1500 per kg, so R500 is a great price, making each ammonite between R8 and R 20 per piece. , Size = 22-55 mm

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