Prehistoric Fossil Poo. Sold per kg. from Madagascar, Mahajanga


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Excellent, really well preserved Coprolite specimens. (Sold per kg)These are 60 million year old Limonite Fossil Pseudo morphs of genuine ancient faeces. Each specimen is gnarly, cracked, twisted and perfectly formed. (Most are even pinched off at the end!) They are Fossilised Giant Prehistoric Turtle turds and were laid in a shallow still water area, now just of the coast of Mahajanga (Madagascar) with a very high iron content in the alluvial silt, so have been kept intact by the cover of iron silt which has impregnated them and preserved them for posterity (excuse the pun). Technically, being 60 MYO, it is a Fossil Dinosaur Poo. These are all fairly decent size Coprolites and you should get between 3 and 6 in one kg. This is obviously not a continuously renewable item, but we have managed to get a nice decent amount of sorted and selected fossil poo this time. Sometimes you are lucky if you get one or two. This is a very good price for them and they are really popular., Size = 70 - 180 mm

Weight: 1.0 kg