Natural Blue Lace Crystal Geodes - per kg from Malawi


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Lovely Blue Crystal Centred Natural Malawi Blue Lace Agate Geodes. (Sold per 1 kg batch). These are not common and maybe 2-3% of mine production is actual specimen grade geodes like these beauties....These are all have nice very blue , white banded, lacy patterned matrix around a quartz and sometimes drusi chalcedony crystallised vug geode centre. The majority of these are 60-100mm in size.

We have our chap, Collin (who works for Toprock building for 3 months, then collecting stones (Zomba, Zircon and Blue Agate) for 3 months at home. Collin cobbs these at the mine, so that they are all nice open, balanced specimens, packs them carefully and brings them down over several borders to us to get them here. R160 for these is a great price, as they are normally R200. Please email me if you want a large quantity of these and I will also discount for bulk. . , Size = 40 -120 mm

Weight: 1.0 kg