Polished & Natural XXL Ammonite fossil seabed conglomerate specimen x 1 from Madagascar, Maintirano


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Absolutely stunning piece of natural history ideal for the high end fossil dealers, or people who source materials for museum curators looking to expand an existing display or start a new one! Absolutely stunning! A conservative recommended retail price on this piece is 3500 USD! Someone is going to make a small fortune, why not make it you!

Cretaceous Mixture of Several Extra Large Cleonoceras Ammonites (up to 370mm) with Ammollite Opalisation on Several, Smaller Fossil Spiral, Trigonia, Bivalve, Fossil Clam Shells, Devils Toenail Fossil - Really Nice and Classic Conglomerate Extra Large Museum Piece - Albion Period Cretaceous - Stands on One Side - Magnificent. Size = 760 x 485 x 320 mm

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