Massive fossil nautilus seabed conglomerate with all sorts of fossils x 1 from Madagascar, Maintirano


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Absolutely A Grade piece of fossil seabed. Ideal for high end retailers of fossils, or people who deal with museum curators looking for something special for a new display. Absolutely stunning! This item could easily sell for over 4000 USD

This particular piece includes Two Giant Nautilus, Four Large Cleonoceras, Lots of Smaller Opalised and Iridescent Ammonites, Rough Spined Mantellicerus, Trigonia and Bivalve Shells, Belemnites, Spiral Shells, Hundreds of Fossils in this Excellent Albion Period Cretaceous Museum Piece - Stands on One Side - Just Damn Nice! - Total Weight 121.18kgs - A Grade. Size = 720 x 580 x 310 mm

Weight: 121.18 kg