1 Large natural cornetite rosette specimen from Congo


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Extra Large Specimen of Blue Cornetite Rosette Specimens - Dark Blue Radial Crystals on Turquoise Chrysocolla and Malachite with Pale Blue Plancheite and Psilomone Dendrites - Total Weight 2.575kgs - Good Grade Size = 194 - 190 - 65 mm


Formula: Cu3(PO4)(OH)3
Colour: Dark blue to green-blue; green-blue in transmitted light.
Lustre: Vitreous
Specific Gravity4.1
Crystal System: Orthorhombic
Name: Named in honor of Mr. Jules Cornet (La Louvière, Belgium, March 4, 1865 - Mons, Belgium, May 17, 1929), Belgian geologist. He prospected in the Congo and particularly in Katanga where he discovered its immense mineral wealth.
Type Locality: L'Etoile du Congo Min, Kalukululu Mine. Lubumbashi, Congo.
Weight: 2.575 kg