**olished & Natural XXL Fossil seabed conglomerate show piece x 1 from Maintirano, Madagascar


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A fantastic piece of rock with so many fossils it might drive you nuts! We have spotted at least three species of ammonites, gastropods, belemnoids, bivalves and so much more! This is very well priced and this piece could sell for 4 times the listed price! Don't miss this beauty!

Massive Seabed Conglomerate Specimen with Several Large Ammonites (Calliphylloceras Phylloceratina), Smaller Desmoceras and Opalised Iridescent Ammonites - Cretaceous Albion Period Fossil Group - Awesome Giant Museum Style Fossil Showpiece - Natural and Polished Areas - Prepped Beautifully for Fossils to Stand Out - Total Weight 114.32kgs - Very Good Grade. Size = 830 x 550 x 270 mm

Weight: 114.32 kg