Carnelian Gallets - sold per kg from Madagascar

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Stunning selected palm size pieces of really bright firey Red and Orange carnelian sold per kg... with absolutely gorgeous agate type rings, bands and patterns in them, all individually made into a polished freeform. Each piece is guaranteed to be really colourful and majestic. These have always been, and still are one of the most popular items to sell from all of the Madagascar stones and we have guys out looking for larger nodules in Madagascar all of the time and guys polishing them continuously. Madagascar is fairly unique in respect to its Carnelian, as there are not too many countries that have any quantities of larger rough material that has good colour or is not naturally cracked. These are really, really nice and have a high polish. Most of these are between 40 and 92mm in size. Grade = Good to A Grade 

Weight: 1.0 kg