3 Natural moldavite pieces from Czech Republic


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Moldavite is a Unique Bottle-Green Tektite that Formed as a Result of a Meteor Impact Approximately 14.7 Million Years Ago in the Ries Region in Western Bavaria, Germany - It is Believed that the Energy of the Impact Instantly Melted the Surrounding Rock, Forming this Glassy-Like Material and Projecting it Over a 500km Radius - It was First Discovered in 1786 in a Field Near the Moldau River, After which it was Named - Today, Most of the Material Still Comes from the Same Region in the Czech Republic, South Bohemia - It is Said to be a Combination of "Heaven and Earth" and is a Very Sought After Mineral - Very Large Thick Pieces, These have Raised Patterns on Them Due to Their Fragile Nature, Some are Chipped, but Still Very Groovy - Total Weight 19.10grams - Medium Grade Size = 20 - 32 mm

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