We try to keep this page updated but are guilty of getting too busy with getting beautiful rocks up onto the site and then out of the door to you lovely folk!

We would love to hear from you - Below are some emails we have received


2022 - 07 - 11

Dear Megan

Thank you, it is an absolute pleasure! One of the reasons why I will keep buying from Toprocks is YOU. So thank you :)



2022 - 07 - 04

Dear Megan, Nick and Alex, (and the rest of your crew at Toprock), I'm a corporate real estate exec who recently started to indulge my life's true passion for crystals, rocks, minerals by starting a sideline online business selling same here in South Africa.  I am not the type to normally write these sorts of emails and I'm not the type to gush with compliments........HOWEVER: I LOVE you product I LOVE your website (including photography) I LOVE your customer service I LOVE your packing and shipping Nick - I wish I WAS you!!! If you ever need a rock hunter in the nether regions of Africa....let me know!  Honestly, NO OTHER wholesaler in South Africa even comes close to you. You have really given me the opportunity to start a new business at scale with an affordable  super quality product.  Many many kind regards, Chris H


2022 - 06 - 28

I just want to let you guys know my shipment arrived here at 4pm today and by 7pm we were completely sold out of every single piece on our live sale! The pieces you sent were absolutely beautiful. Thank you guys for still letting us smaller businesses order from you! I’ll be placing another order in the next 24 hours or so!



2022 - 05 - 24

A lot of the crystals we have had from you, bought to sell on to our customers, somehow never seem to find their way back out of our house as she has been unable to part with them. You have cost me a personal fortune 🤣 My thanks as always to the amazing Top Rock team



2022 - 05 - 24

Hi Megan Thank you I received the parcel on Friday afternoon. Wow, very happy with all the items and the service from you all has been great! After unpacking it all, I now have what feel like 10 whole newspapers (hehehe), great packaging as I know you want us customers to receive our goods in great condition regardless of how couriers handle boxes. I will definitively be back for more. Kind regards, Justin


2022 - 05 - 11

I was just clearing out old emails and I saw that I never got back to anyone at Toprock to say how happy I am with the order and how meticulously everything was packaged.   Really great!  Thank you so much! Stephanie


2022 - 05 - 10

I received my order early and want to say Thank you!! Every piece exceeds my expectations and I'm happy to say I'll be a returning customer. I appreciate all of the help making sure I get the order done right and am beyond excited to share our new treasures with the local gem and mineral societies and markets. Your stones are AAA and your service has been AAA. Logan


2022 - 05 - 10

Thank you again, international delivery is always so prompt, the care in packing is of such a high standard and of course, the specimans are of top quality and very beautiful, as always.  Thank you to you and your hard working team! Te Awa


2022 - 05 - 09

Hi Renate, I have already received my order! So fast! I really needed to write to you because I am so thrilled with the beauty and quality of this order. It was packed perfectly everything has travelled safely to me. The whole order process has been smooth and the communication is fantastic. Honestly, you guys are pretty epic. Anyway, I am already looking forward to ordering again. Thanks so much, Lisa


2022 - 05 - 06

Thank you so much for the beauties and careful packing !! They are amazing!  I love them all. Sorry I was out I unpacked them today. Rly appreciate. ❤️  Well done team! Jungsu


2022 - 04 - 14

My order has arrived today and I'm so happy with absolutely everything! The packaging was so protective and the delivery was faster than expected. Thank you so much, I will definitely be ordering again. Paris


2022 - 03 - 14

Hi Megan Thank you so much for such quick service, it is really appreciated so we can keep to the deadline set to us by a client this time. I know it puts a strain on your operation so a huge thank you from Vikki and I I have just completed the shipping order so await your invoice to pay. Kind regards, Chris


2022 - 03 - 09

Hi Nick,  I just received my specimens and wanted to thank you and your team for packing them so carefully.  The specimens are absolutely beautiful! They are even better in person. They will be a lovely addition to the shop. Will be looking forward to buying from you again in the near future.  Thanks again!  Tanya W


2022 - 02 - 25

I just wanted to email to say I have received my order. I am beyond happy with it, it is all absolutely beautiful, I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am. I will be back again very soon.  Thank you so much with your patience with me as I didn’t understand the process of ordering.  Many thanks  Gemma


2022 - 02 - 22

Hi Megan I received my order early today and in good order. Thank you so much, especially for the bigger crystals too, i was pleasantly surprised and am so grateful for all your help and advice and patience. You guys are awesome. pls forward this to Nicole and Nick as well. This has given me a wonderful start. Take care till next time luv Deborah


2022 - 02 - 07

Hi Megan, That’s great news, looking forward to receiving it! Thanks again for all your help with our first order, it has been a pleasure working with you. All the best Graham


2022 - 02 - 07

Hi Megan, I received the order today and I'm so pleased with it all, thank you so much! Best wishes, Hannah


2022 - 02 - 06

Hi, Just got our package. Spectacular! Everything well wrapped as usual, and everything exceeds our expectations. My wife asked me, while we were unpacking, 'Why don't we buy from them more often'? So, THANKS so much! We'll be back soon. Bob and Lisa W


2022 - 01 - 26

Hi Megan! Fantastic! Thank you so much for all your help! Can't wait to see all the beauties! 😍 Big thanks to Nicole and the rest of the team too. Take care of yourselves! Best wishes, Shaun


2022 - 01 - 15

Thank you so much Megan. You are always so very helpful. It makes doing business with Top Rocks a pleasure.


2022 - 01 - 12

I just wanted to let you know that I Love all the new specimens that are available. Thank you guys and everyone from TopRock for all the beautiful minerals that you make available for us. My customers love all my items and I feel great knowing that everything I purchase from you is Natural. Thanks again!


2021 - 12 - 25

"This was the best rock order I have done, have ordered from China, India, America, Britain, and these guys were outstanding, the fact that you can see the exact rocks you buy on their website is a blessing, and their packaging was brilliant, their sales ladies were just outstanding when we asked if they could do a rush order to get it in time for Christmas. Top notch and top prices! I can recommend them fully and would prefer to do all my buying from them from now on.
theo c.
2021 - 12 - 25
Every purchase has been smooth. Customer service was beyond expectations.
Lindy M


2021 - 12 - 22

"The whole process was easier and way faster than I expected. This was my first time ordering from Toprocks and I was a little nervous about the quality of the stones. I didn’t need to be nervous. The stones are wonderful. My experience with their customer service was excellent. Renate got back to me immediately and processed and send my order before they left on holiday. Even though I thought I’d missed the holiday deadline. The package was very well packed with recyclable packing materials and it arrived 3 days before it was scheduled. I will be ordering again through them and recommend

Eve ES


2021 - 12 - 14

Hi Renate I wanted to message to say the our order arrived safe and sound. The packaging is fabulous and because everything is in boxes it makes it so much easier to store. Quality is amazing we are so impressed and will certainly be placing another order in the near future.



2021 - 12 - 09

The mineral specimens arrived today and they are fantastic. Thank you and Nick and the rest of your team for all you did to help and guide me through this since this was the first time I ever bought things this way. I really appreciate that. The Chrysocolla is everything Nick said it would be and the Purpurite and Emerald are also wonderful. Sincerely, Joe B


2021 - 12 - 08

Hi Megan I just want to write and say thank you for the hustle to get my package out so quickly. I was surprised it came as quickly as it did. It already arrived today! I haven't opened it yet but I am pleased it got here ok and no customs duty which is great. Thanks again so much, Sunny


2021 - 11 - 25

Hi Megan A belated message to let you know my boxes of beauties arrived safely on the Monday following the Friday they were picked up from you. How’s that for service! I am thrilled to bits with them as usual, lots of oohs and aahh’s going on!! Those Erongo Smokeys are absolutely gorgeous and oh, the Swazi Jade… so lovely. The colours of the chiredzi smokey amethyst are just amazing aren’t they!! Just loving the spirit Quartz…I could go on. My beautiful verdite rhino has pride of place in my crystal room, he is very special! Many thanks for all your help and I will be keeping an eye out for more unusual pieces on your website. Best wishes to you and all the team Jo


2021 - 11 - 22

Hi Renate

Thank you for the absolutely stunning specimans which have arrived, such due diligence care with packing and the natural state beauty of these minerals, I will return to purchase again.Have a blessed Christmas and once again, thank you to your team, such beautiful quality in your specimans!

Te W


2021 - 11 - 19

Oh! I also wanted to let you know that you and Kat are an absolute delight to work with! I appreciate yall being so patient with me. Like I told Kat, some day I will have the ordering process all figured out, it's just not today. So thank you for putting up with me and being so kind. 🖤🖤 And if nothing else, at least I'm kind of entertaining to work with. 🤷🏼‍♀️



2021 - 11 - 18

Thank you!! So happy to get to purchase these gorgeous specimens. Also very happy to personally tell you that I love your blogs and how much you care about the earth. It shows! Your team is amazing, thank you so much!

Rebecca D


2021 - 11 - 16

I received my shipment yesterday and I am so very happy with it!

Anna T


 2021 - 11 - 15

I just want to say I love the gemstones you sent and thank you so much for all your help and really friendly service. I'll definitly be buying more from you in the future.



2021 - 10 - 29

Thank you Megan!! I’m going to wrap the order up soon, just waiting to see if any more water tourmaline, citrine, and natural amethyst spirit quartz lots come up! I had the most gorgeous large spirit quartz in my cart but it got purchased before I checked out and I’m still recovering from that. Haha

I wanted to mention that I very much enjoyed reading Nick’s post about how Top Rocks’ came to be! I loved reading about how much you all care about this beautiful earth and your team on the website, I’m a big fan!!! Thanks to you all for being so awesome.



2021 - 10 - 27

Hi Megan Just a quick note to say crystals arrived on Monday - super quick! And they are absolutely stunning! This is the second shipment we’ve had from you and always a delight, thank you so much! See you again soon Have a lovely day Lizzy


2021 - 10 - 21

Thanks Megan! Love your company it’s the best ordering system! And you guys are all so nice and great communication. Very appreciated! Can’t wait to get the new stock All the best Ellen


2021 - 10 - 18

Wow Megan, your not going to believe this but they Are already here, they arrived at Heathrow airport yesterday Morning and delivered today. Biggest Thank you, I’m so pleased I’ve found you They are Absolutely Stunning, Perfect and the energy Is amazing. I don’t have a favourite because they are All so nice and the butterflies and dragonflies are so Perfectly crafted and I know the Uk will cherish them. Of Course I’m already thinking about my next order. So will be in touch soon. Once again thank you so much Blessings and love Lucy xxxxx


2021 - 10 - 13

Hi Renate First, I want to say thank you to your packing department! They do such an amazing job! I mean, DHL could drop the packages from a plane and I think everything would still be safe and in one piece! Please let them know they are amazing! I know that is hard work...
Well done, packing team!


2021 - 10 - 06

Hi Megan, I received my order and thank you so much!! These crystals are gorgeous! Super happy with my purchase :D Enjoy your day! Kind regards, Delisa


2021 - 09 - 09

You guys are my only supplier 🥰 I don't want or need to go anywhere else - you guys are truly fabulous in every way possible



2021 - 09 - 09

Received - great items and outstanding packaging as usual.



2021 - 09 - 09

Thank you so much Megan! It’s always a pleasure working with you and the TopRock team. I hope you have a wonderful day, and stay safe!



2021 - 09 - 07

HI Alex, The stock arrived on friday and from what i've already unpacked, it all looks really good and i am very pleased. Hopefully we will come out of lock down soon and i can sell it to my customers! thanks for all your help! All the best, Ellen


2021 - 09 - 07

Thank you I received my order today in good order. Thanks for packaging it so well. The crystals are amazing. I love them. Thanks once again.



2021 - 09 - 02

The order arrived in very good condition last week. Beautiful minerals and super well packaged!



2021 - 08 - 18

Firstly, I wanted to say thank you for how my first order was handled. Super efficient and professional! Is a pleasure purchasing through Top Rocks.  Thanks very much! Warm Regards, April


2021 - 08 - 16

Thank you!  That was so quick. I actually picked up a small show tomorrow and will be bringing some of it.   I stayed up until 1:00 a.m. last night just rocking.  LOL.  Thank you for the quick turn around.   I’m already stock piling for my September order.



2021 - 08 - 03

Hey Renate and Team, Received the goods about 2 hours ago and I’m super happy with my purchase. It even arrived earlier than expected!  Thank you once again for all the effort in putting everything in order (they survived the ride over to Singapore!) I’m sure our customers would love it too. Looking forward to placing another order from you guys in the super near future :) Until then, take care!



2021 - 08 - 03

Thanks so much for the prompt delivery. I have to say I am very impressed with the quality of the specimens and how well everything was packaged. Thanks so much for taking the time to do a great job. I will definitely be purchasing from you again. Have a great week. 



2021 - 07 - 14

Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I did receive my order and it is absolutely gorgeous every single piece! I am very impressed and will definitely be doing more business with you in the future. I had no issues importing.  Blessings and gratitude, Sarah G (USA)


2021 - 06 - 24

Good Morning, Thank you for your excellent service. Just received the goods, very nice quality . Kind Regards Friederike


2021 - 06 - 14

Oh my! The parcel arrived today, incredibly fast, I wasn't expecting till next week.. not only that but the items are out of this world.  I couldn't be happier with everything, thankyou so much! I will be back soon hopefully with another order! 


Of course Megan you’ve all always been patient and kind with me, I love doing business with Toprock it’s made my business so beautiful.
Ian C


2021 - 06 - 07

Just to let you know that I have received my last shipment, everything is absolutely amazing as always, thank you so much! 



2021 - 05 - 28

I’ve decided to stop buying from another supplier so what I’m going to do is try to make sure I get the next order on it’s way and on time so I don’t need many bridging orders from elsewhere. I’d rather give my money to you guys. I got sold fake lemurians and fake citrine (which was Smokey) from Brazil. Lost a couple of grand and they wouldn’t make it right. Oh well, we both said we would rather be paying you guys and supporting you. Thank you guys for being so wonderful and honest and integral to deal with, it means a lot to us and it’s funny, your crystals most of them sell so fast, these ones so many weren’t selling.... and it wasn’t the crystals, they had beautiful crystals, but when you are not ethical and have do wrong by people you get karma and I notice the sellers with bad vibes their Crystals are harder to sell! Yours fly out the door every time. Much love to you guys!!! Have a beautiful weekend, we are about to start a much needed break for 3 Days! Woohoo!!! 🙌🏼☺️🔥🔥🔥💜



2021 - 05 - 20

Amazing shipment! Seriously you all are so wonderful! I loved everything and really appreciated the care and attention to the packaging to make sure everything arrived safely. I have a feeling many of these items will sell quickly and I will surely be back again soon. Thanks again for all of your help. Can't wait to reorder and excited for when that new batch of natural citrine is ready as I will definitely pick some up. 
All My Best,
Paul O


2021 - 05 - 14

I  have received the last shipment, everything is amazing as always, thank you so much!



2021 - 05 - 13

Thank you everything is gorgeous, very pleased with the order.

Niki L


2021 - 05 - 11

The Lovely crystals have arrived, we’re just unpacking them.

Thanks for such a great service and best Crystals.



2021 - 04 - 28

I’m very pleased with the citrine and thanks so much for sorting everything out. You guys always have top notch customer service! I love doing business with you. Thanks again.

Jason J


2021 - 04 - 23

Nick wrote a lengthy blurb a while back about Top Rock. It started talking about Nicole’s efforts with the conservation area. I printed that and have shown it to lots of customers. Let Nicole know that there are hundreds of my customers who applaud her efforts and just as many who appreciate what Nick has done for the miners. Keep it up – you may not get direct feedback but your efforts are appreciated here in Canada.


2021 - 04 - 21

On the behalf of myself and Chris we just wanted to give you a huge thank you. We are super stunned by this gorgeous order we have put with TopRock, and we cannot wait to order more! The quality is amazing and the handling, care and effort that has gone into the packaging. Handling means a lot to us as we are a recyclable and eco company too, the energy exchange is phenomenal. Thank you also for your warm welcoming with us and help. We look forward to purchasing very soon!

Talia M


2021 - 04 - 20

You guys are great! Haven’t had one complaint yet! Actually everything is always more beautiful than expected

Ian C


2021 - 04 - 20

We’ve done decently so far but have really found that what’s holding us back are our crystals. In the past we were struggling to find a trustful, ethical supplier with top/rare quality crystals for our business, and TopRock seems to be just that! These crystals are ones that we have always dreamed of getting our hands on! Thank you so much for everything, we are grateful we found and are doing business with you! We can tell you really care about your customers, not only through the carefully packaged shipment but through interactions, time spent & efficiency, and professionalism. We cannot wait for our next shipment and hope you have a wonderful rest of your day and weekend! 

- Caitlyn & Bryan 


2021 - 04 - 13

Hi, just spotted your section for reviews and thought I'd do a write up:

Running a business that sources products from every corner of the globe and with that having business with around 20 different suppliers and having gone through 100's quite literally, I can truly say that Toprocks stand out by a mile.
So much so that we're proud to actually have them as our supplier, not one other supplier from any corner of the globe does what they do in regards to humanitarian issues.
It's clear that not only do they value their staff, they value their country and furthermore their continent, truly a one-people business. 
Fair trade is the heart of what they do, and to top this the quality of their products is second to none.

*disclaimer* this really isn't an overzealous review in an attempt to make them seem like something more than they are, this is 100% who they are.

Ryan K


2021 - 04 - 06

I received all my crystals and I just want to thank you all! This is my second order with top rocks and everything is certainly "top quality with amazing customer service".

Thank you soo so much! I absolutely love all the crystals. So greatful to have found you guys. My crystal dreams come true.

Crystal M


2021 - 03 - 30

Hi Nicole 

I would like to say firstly thank you for such an amazing experience with you all quality and customer service is impeccable I couldn't ask for a better team to work with. 

Thank you 


2021 - 03 - 29

Hi Nicole,

Thank you for offering the Dragon crystal sculptures, i have purchased 2 they look really amazing!!!
Also to let you know that i have received my last shipment, everything is amazing as always, thank you soooo much! 🥰
Hope you have a lovely day!

Kind Regards,


2021 - 03 - 29

I just want to say WOW to these Celestite some of the most beautiful I have ever seen in my life!!! Thanks you sooooo much



 2021 - 03 - 19

 I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the most Beautiful Stones I am thrilled and happy 
I Will order soon again 
Hugs and best regards 


2021 - 03 - 18





2021 - 03 - 16

 Good Afternoon Renate and Megan, 

I just wanted to say thank you once again for your wonderful shipment.

Everything arrived perfectly and well packed you have a customer for life now.

Hope you have an amazing week.

 From Josephine



2021 - 03 - 08 


From Hratch



2021 - 03 - 04 

I hope everyone is doing well and staying in good health and lifted spirits. I wanted to thank you all for the wonderful customer service, excellent inventory, and carefully packed shipping you always provide your customers. It is deeply appreciated!   

From Vanessa



2021 - 03 - 03

I have just received the 2 boxes and what can I say, I could not remember exactly what I had ordered so opening the package was a huge WOW WOW WOW surprise......

You guys pack the stuff and pack and pack and pack ....

Amazing amazing rocks...

I just don't know what to say except ace great amazing...

love love love....

and thank you for putting up with me for soooooooo long.........

From Meena



2021 - 02 - 24

Hi there
Huge Thanks to you all at Toprock ...THANKYOU!
Order arrived incredibly fast and all safe and well packed.
Really lovely Hollandite Quartz and Kyanite in Fuschite - absolutely love them.
Great quality and Great price - you guys Rock :)

I am always looking out for more Hollandite Star Quartz, Black Ammonites and Velvet Malachite so it would be great if you could let me know if you get any more of these in stock over the next 2-3months

Thanks again for being the best mineral wholesaler I have found
Best wishes to you all
Nick and Kat



2021 - 02 - 24

Megan I received everything today! Much quicker than expected and the pictures did not do these treasures justice. They will all be a lovely addition to my business m. Can’t wait to buy more beautiful pieces from you. I can’t wait to see if you get any natural citrine   

From Ian 



2021 - 02 - 18

Hi Renate,

I want say a massive thank you for my order! It arrived very quickly and it was packed really well!

I love the items that have arrived! Great quality!

Looking forward to ordering again from you.

Kind Regards 



I’ve been buying rocks for resale for over 50 years and I want you to know that you are one of only 3 companies I continue to deal with. I always get exactly what is presented at a price that leaves me some room for profit. That is extremely rare!



2021 - 02 -11

Hi there,

Just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for our beautiful Crystals. Being a new start up crystal company, it has been really difficult finding suppliers who are decently priced, offer great quality stock, ethically source their stones and are also environmentally conscious.

We are very thankful for the great values your business instills and look forward to continuing to complete larger orders as our business progresses.

All the best,



2021 - 02 - 09

Hi Nicole,

Just to let you know that i have received my last shipment, loveee all the items, everything is so amazing as always, thank you so much! 🥰

Kindest Regards,



2021 - 02- 09 

Hi Renate and Alex,

I did an initial inspection on the latest shipment and am very happy.

Thank you for making such large specimens available. I thoroughly enjoyed buying them and I will look after them. Shipping was lightning fast. 

Thank you and have a great day, 




2021 - 02 - 08 

Good Evening Megan,

I just wanted to write a quick email, I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with my crystals and the customer service I am in awe.

Thank you so much 



2021 - 01 - 21 

Thank you! I love your team 🥰 such great products and amazing service.   




2021 - 01 - 22

Our clients love your products. Please keep bringing such wonderful stones to market! I appreciate your new bulk offers and will certainly buy that way when appropriate. Thanks for all that you do. From Brett S



2020 - 11 - 27

It's arrived, well packed as always. Thank you so much.... These items are beautiful, it's a shame we have to sell most of them!  Pass my thanks on to the team please.




2020 - 11 - 25 

 Hi Megan and Nicole,
I received and opened my order and just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you for offering these beautiful crystals. It was all very carefully and excellently packed and thanks for redoing the invoice for the customs.
I hope to be in touch again soon.
Thanks again,



2020 - 10 - 21


I am pleased to inform that I have received the remaining three boxes today. Everything arrived safely and I can't express how thankful I am for the excellent packing of the celestite pieces. All of them arrived intact and well.
I believe I will be placing a larger order of items after January so hopefully everyone will have had a chance to rest! 

It may be too soon but take care and happy holidays! We eagerly look forward to doing more business with the Toprocks team in the new year.

Thank you.



2020 - 10 - 21 

Hi Megan.

Yes, thanks, I am well and healthy ... albeit a little short on sleep at the moment due to early mornings, late nights, and intermittent insomnia in between. But it is getting better.

Hope you (and those around you that you love) are safe and well.

Appreciate your support, friendliness, and great service. Look forward to receiving the delivery.

best wishes.



2020 - 10 - 21 

Hello Megan, 

I am well, healthy, and very excited about this shipment. Thank you for your concern and the update with this detailed information. I am very blessed to have found your company. I hope you have an amazing week. Thank you, again. 

Best regards,



2020 - 10 - 12 

Thank you so very much. The addition of your beautiful stones and crystals have made a huge difference for my business right now. I have always loved being surrounded by them and love the joy it is bringing to my customers especially right now. Sorry for the payment issues I've been having and your patience has been greatly appreciated. I really can't wait for this shipment to arrive. Peace and Love to you and everyone at Toprocks,




2020 - 07 - 20 

Hi Nicole It looks as if I have to wait a day or two as we linked my bank to Pay Pal So now I have to wait for bank aproval which could take a little time Just wish I could just pay toprocks by Visa card would make it so easy for me.  Hope I am not a pest but I did think Pay Pal was the way to go.   Nicole  the  the material nick sorted out for me was stunning and must thank him. I have allready placed all on the shelves and sold several . Good stuff. Thank you Nicole for all for us So happy happy to deal with Top Rocks again Loves you all John



2020 - 09 - 22

Awesome! Thanks so much for your quick responses & help, Nicole. I am so stoked I came across your website during my mass research for my new business.

You all have lovely pieces, prices & people! 

Thanks again!



 2020 - 09 - 16

Hi Toprock team. Thank you for our amazing last order. Everything turned up so well packaged and no breaks,  and the crystals are absolutely beautiful.



2020 - 09 - 14

Morning Megan and the team.
Once again thank you for the efficient and friendly service and perfect packaging as always! Items received and very happy



2020 - 08 - 27 

Hi Megan,

Thank you so much. I must say the service you guys provide is absolutely brilliant, i cant fault you or Tudor my other contact, one bit.

Have a great week,

All the best,



2020 - 08 - 19

Hello Megan,

We got the order in and finished unpacking.
IT looks really good and we are happy with it.
We will make a new order soon.
Thank you for all the help.

Greets Natasja



2020 - 08 - 18

Wanted to say that I was able to view my shipment yesterday and was very impressed with the way it was packaged for shipment. Everything was well protected. Thank you for your outstanding product and attention to detail!
Well done team !!
2020 - 08 - 17 
Hi Nicole
I finally received my beauties! They’re super amazing I’ll be placing another order very soon I think thank you so much! And also the packaging is fabulous too! Everything in tact which is always a bonus having to travel so far. 

Thanks again
2020 - 08 - 07
Hello Nicole,

We received our package yesterday. All I can say is WOW! We are completely blown away with the quality and the pieces in general. I personally would like to thank you for all your time, and especially the swift delivery. We will be ordering very soon. 

Kind regards,


“Hi Megan,

The parcel arrived and all is perfect.

I would like to thank you and the Toprock team for the way you handled this order. From the communication, extreme packaging and fast shipping, everything was handled efficiently and professionally. Much appreciated.

Kind Regards, T”




“Hi Megan,

Ah wow, those are absolutely gorgeous!!

Thanks so much for adding that notification - I do keep checking back, so hopefully I'll manage to snag some if they're added to the site.

I have to say I love that I can choose a stockpile option - it makes buying so much easier for me as with other suppliers I sometimes have to choose pieces that I otherwise wouldn't have bought, just to make the shipping worthwhile. Really glad I've found you guys!

Thanks so much and take care. N”




“Dear Megan,

Thank you for such an easy and pleasant transaction.

I will tell my friends about your website you have been very professional, and the contact has been fantastic.

I will buy from you again,

Kind regards, J”




“Hi Megan,

Thank you for the shipment. Everything complete and very well packed!

Crystals are good quality and usable. The Tourmaline is excellent.

Kind Regards, F”




“Hi Megan,

Last night I received the parcel.

That was really fast.

Thanks a lot, it looks lovely.

Have a nice day and perhaps until a next time.

Kind regards, R”




“Greetings Megan,

Momma T and I are happy that we found you folks. Have a great day... J”




“Hi Alex,

Thanks, and as always, your product is amazing.

Sincerely, C and T”




“Great thanks and thanks for your great crystals, they are so well looked after and packaged, I am always happy with them :) M”




“Hi Megan,

Just letting you know my package arrived last week.

I must say the crystals were well wrapped.

The spirit quartz and fluorite are beautiful.

Thank you for all your help.

Kind regards, S”




“Hello Megan,

I've just received the quartz safely.

Thank you very much for the impressive and beautiful quartz with great packaging!

Best regards, T”




“Thank you so much for the lovely shipment, I just wanted to say you are an amazing company, fast shipping, great customer service, and awesome gemstones.  I will defiantly be starting another order soon. E”




“Aloha Megan,

I received my package. I have to say I am very impressed with your packaging. All of the crystals are so lovely and special! The large piece is just stunning. Looking forward to working with your company again.

Mahalo, J”




“Hi Megan,

We received our most recent shipment today, and we are wildly pleased, as always. Your items are awesome.

Also, I have to thank whoever packs for shipment, because they do a great job! We can't get stuff from the states whole and unbroken, but your boxes are so tidy and well wrapped there is never damage.

We hope things are ok for you all, the water situation seems very worrisome and tragic. Thank you again for all the beautiful specimens.

Blessings! J”




“Hey Nick,

I was looking for some gem and mineral information this morning when I

came across your webpage: www.toprocks.com/blogs/news.

Great stuff! Thank you for taking the time to put this together.

Keep up the awesome work!

Cheers, P”