We attempt to update this page as frequently as possible but sadly we tend not to update it as frequently as we get positive feedback. Compiling this information on an ongoing basis can often be time consuming. We also encourage all clients to contribute to submissions on TrustSpot. See the following link; https://trustspot.io/store/Toprock

We would love you hear from you - Below are merely a handful of emails we have received.



“Hi Megan,

The parcel arrived and all is perfect.

I would like to thank you and the Toprock team for the way you handled this order. From the communication, extreme packaging and fast shipping, everything was handled efficiently and professionally. Much appreciated.

Kind Regards, T”



“Hi Megan,

Ah wow, those are absolutely gorgeous!!

Thanks so much for adding that notification - I do keep checking back, so hopefully I'll manage to snag some if they're added to the site.

I have to say I love that I can choose a stockpile option - it makes buying so much easier for me as with other suppliers I sometimes have to choose pieces that I otherwise wouldn't have bought, just to make the shipping worthwhile. Really glad I've found you guys!

Thanks so much and take care. N”



“Dear Megan,

Thank you for such an easy and pleasant transaction.

I will tell my friends about your website you have been very professional, and the contact has been fantastic.

I will buy from you again,

Kind regards, J”



“Hi Megan,

Thank you for the shipment. Everything complete and very well packed!

Crystals are good quality and usable. The Tourmaline is excellent.

Kind Regards, F”



“Hi Megan,

Last night I received the parcel.

That was really fast.

Thanks a lot, it looks lovely.

Have a nice day and perhaps until a next time.

Kind regards, R”



“Greetings Megan,

Momma T and I are happy that we found you folks. Have a great day... J”



“Hi Alex,

Thanks, and as always, your product is amazing.

Sincerely, C and T”



“Great thanks and thanks for your great crystals, they are so well looked after and packaged, I am always happy with them :) M”



“Hi Megan,

Just letting you know my package arrived last week.

I must say the crystals were well wrapped.

The spirit quartz and fluorite are beautiful.

Thank you for all your help.

Kind regards, S”



“Hello Megan,

I've just received the quartz safely.

Thank you very much for the impressive and beautiful quartz with great packaging!

Best regards, T”



“Thank you so much for the lovely shipment, I just wanted to say you are an amazing company, fast shipping, great customer service, and awesome gemstones.  I will defiantly be starting another order soon. E”



“Aloha Megan,

I received my package. I have to say I am very impressed with your packaging. All of the crystals are so lovely and special! The large piece is just stunning. Looking forward to working with your company again.

Mahalo, J”



“Hi Megan,

We received our most recent shipment today, and we are wildly pleased, as always. Your items are awesome.

Also, I have to thank whoever packs for shipment, because they do a great job! We can't get stuff from the states whole and unbroken, but your boxes are so tidy and well wrapped there is never damage.

We hope things are ok for you all, the water situation seems very worrisome and tragic. Thank you again for all the beautiful specimens. Blessings! J”



“Hey Nick,

I was looking for some gem and mineral information this morning when I

came across your webpage: www.toprocks.com/blogs/news.

Great stuff! Thank you for taking the time to put this together.

Keep up the awesome work!

Cheers, P”