BULK: Natural Rough XX Rare Pietersite Material - 250 Kg Lot


R 199,000.00 ZAR 
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Very nice 1 ton batch of very rare Pietersite. This is a huge batch, as normally we are lucky if we find a couple of hundred kg every so often of it at the claims at Outjo, Namibia. This is a brand new reef of material that was found 3 weeks ago and is a quality batch for a very reasonable price. Pietersite normally sells between $1000 - $2000 per kg wholesale. We may split the mine produce up into 4 lots of 250 Kg at R800 per kg. This is a bargain deal and is not negotiable. There are a lot of photo's here to make certain that you can see EXACTLY what you would be getting, as its a lot of money to spend without precise knowledge.

We are mining right now and have the bulldozer opening a new trench, so we will keep fingers crossed that there may be more available soon. 

For more information please email: nick@toprocks.com

Sizes: Approx 60mm - 300mm
Weight: 250 kg per batch (4 batches available)
Location: Outjo, Namibia


Weight: 250.0 kg