Natural Fuchsite Love Star Quartz Crystal Clusters x 2 from Ivato, Madagascar


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Stunning new quartz with amazing new Love Star terminations! This is a BRAND NEW deposit from Madagascar which is dominated by large single crystals which occur in plate like formations. Many crystals often have a distinctive layer of fuchsite inclusions sitting below the main bodies of the crystals but not in this instance. The quartz has complex terminations with cathedral like formations in a white to snowy quartz! This is not clear bright quartz this is rather a white quartz with complex exceptional forms. The lower layer of green material makes it very unique! I think its amazing and its unlikely to be available in future. This is a top quality material which is unique and well priced. Very affordable oddity. Size = 145 - 163 mm. Grade = very good to A grade

Weight: 1.905 kg