Electric Blue Kyanite

Electric Blue Kyanite

There has been a drought on this stunning Electric Blue Kyanite for quite a while now. Finally, the drought has broken and our friend Valentino has re-opened the mine and is mining for specimen crystals. This material beats the Brazilian and other Kyanite locations that we have seen crystals from Hands down. Each crystal is translucent and most of them are perfect sizes for making pendants, many are larger individual specimens and this has been claimed as the best healing stone there is, so its almost impossible to not make some very good profit on these when you re-sell them. There should always be some stock available on the website to order from, but if nit, you are welcome to ask me about getting hold of some at any time...be it 1kg or 200kg...we are stocking this excellent material and re-ordering from the mine regularly and very successfully keeping this new mining operation open. Please enquire if you are interested; info@toprocks.net (Nick)

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  • Joseph Dainwood - March 28, 2018

    I would love to have some of this material. I would like to purchase, but have never made international purchase. Would it be possible to have a conversation with you in email, about how such transactions could occur.. I need to learn how I can do business with you, payment, shipping, delivery times, etc.. I look forward yo hearing from you. I live in Tennessee, USA. Thank you, Joe.

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