Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate

We have been lucky enough to have a couple of direct sources of Blue Lace Agate. The original source of this material has always been from Namibia. An old American chap who turned very bushy, George Swanson, dug this material out for decades, along with good ole Tommi, his Namaqua sidekick. We have had plenty of this material over the years and occasionally get it in, but George died of old age and having too many girlfriends, so it is not mined as prolifically as it used to be now. Namibia produced the straight Blue and white layers along with flat drusi crystalline specimens. We have some Malawi guys who work for us doing stoine building at Toprock farm, and there is another beautiful deposit of Blue Agate in Malawi material that produces some beautiful crystalline vug centred geodes and plates. We get a lot from here and our friend Edward, who often sits at the Blue Agate mine and picks out all of the crystalline material for Toprock, as it is only a very small percentage of production at the mine. Occasionally we have some nice material tumbled as well.

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