Stichtite / Lavenderite

Stichtite / Lavenderite

Rare Stichtite, also known as Lavenderite. This comes from Barbeton from the Ancient 3.5 Billion year old Greenbelt (Verdite, Buddstone, Bloodstone all comes from this same greenbelt). It has a hardness of 3 and is essentially a Serpentine Mineral, so is very soft, but its has a stunning silky fibrous texture and an intense purple colour. It is usually mixed with green and yellow Serpentine. Most folks use this for either carving, freeform jewellery, (sometimes with a stone hardener) and large pieces for spheres or freeform display pieces. It only comes from this small area and forms in random veins through the Greenstone areas. The whole production is only around 400kg per month maximum capacity (to spread around a whole world, this doesn't goo very far). It tends to reach fairly high retail prices, but we keep the price as low as we can on this material and buy up the majority of this material when the small miners contact us to say they have been digging.


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  • John Webb - July 03, 2019

    Be in Capetown in November can bring sample of orbicular granite if u are interested?

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