Namibian Desert Picture Stone

Namibian Desert Picture Stone

My personal favourite stone type of all time, classic, subtle, but with such exquisite natural artistic detail. Namibian Desert Picture Stone has been formed in an area that was originally in inland lake/seabed, dried up, cracked up, silted up again and compressed, flooded, cracked up, silted some more...forming delicious intricate patterns. This is from up around the Ais Aise district...hotter than hell and beautifully desolate...almost identical lanscape to the Picture stone itself..precise copies in miniture. It is in a very remote location and mining often takes place at night...3am to 10am in spotlights until it is too hot...water gets brought in from many miles away. Put old tyres on vehicles as they will get soft from the heat and you will get punctures. The mine is now only open sporadically. We have a very similar stone on our property at Mpushini..not in tonnage, but the same patterns.Ours is from Ice age glaciation of the area forming a lake in the saucer here and drying and cracking the sedimentation. Sometimes we are able to get tonnage of this material from Namibia..


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  • Francis Ben - October 16, 2018

    where is the mine and what is name of the mine and what is iwnet of mine’s name?

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