Mtorolite Chrome Chrysophrase

Mtorolite Chrome Chrysophrase

MTOROLITE. Beautiful Emerald green Chrome Chrysophrase. We have been busy with this rare and beautiful material for a dozen years or so now. Total production for many years was completely sporadic and could be anytime between 100-700kg per month. There are 3 small claims these days, but most of the material is not of good cutting grade or good colour (plenty of khaki and dull green). We stick to good green with interesting patterns, to Emerald green and always translucent material. We normally get around 500kg every 3-6 weeks from the two better deposits. The majority of this is sold by clients in the Far East as "Royal Jade". For years nobody even knew what "Mtorolite " was, but there are plenty of Easterners running around with very expensive Royal Jade trinkets, jewellery or have lovely carvings made from it. Generally, it comes in fairly thin naturally etched, crystalline plates of 3-40mm thicknesses, but we also get some good material in the 30-120mm thicknesses sometimes, which are almost certainly a mixture of good and A grade in each piece, but not any solid huge translucent Emerald Green ...this is mostly in the thin plates of 3-20mm. It has a hardness of 7, polishes beautifully and is one of favourites. We try to concentrate on getting rare and unusual materials that usually mined as small Artisan Mining projects. Mtorolite has become better known in recent years. We normally Grade A, Good and specimen plates into 3 categories. E-mail me (Nick) if you need to know more or would like to know when we have another shipment in.( . It is often sold and booked before it gets in, but we do stock it when we have excess material coming down.

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  • Jason Henry - September 29, 2018

    I am interested in learning about the mtorolite deposits you mine. Can you tell me more about the local geology? I believe I have found some of this material as well but am interested in how it is formed in your part of the world. Thanks!

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